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Information--Too Much or Too Little

A bunch of years ago in grad school I had a professor, Max, who taught a course in Human Behavior in Organizations.  Max would regale us with tales of his experiences in corporate America, and he being an Industrial Psychologist, examples of bizarre encounters with others of which he was either victim or participant.

One of Max's early "professional" jobs was with a major corporation.  As was often custom at that time, Max and his wife were the guests of his new boss and wife to celebrate the new job assignment at a fine dining establishment.  After a round or two (or several) of libations, it became obvious that Max's supervisor was losing the challenge of responsible alcohol consumption to the point that young Max thought it well to remove said boss from the premises in favor of some fresh air.  The boss did rally somewhat with exposure to the new environs while also liberated from inhibitions. He proceeded to share and confess to Max a series of life offences:  a…